Putting new top on convertible?


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Feb 27, 2001
To make a long story short: I have a friend who was going to order a new top for his 94 GT from Pony Parts Plus for $159.95. When he called they asked what was wrong with his top. He said the glass kept falling out. They told him he would need the glass and the top for $325.00. Does anyone know why they would tell him he needed both?

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I would think that they are saying that because the window glass actually comes already attached to the rear lower portion of the convertible top material. So if the window is falling out then he needs another window that is already attached to that portion of material. Here's a picture of the part I'm referring to...


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yep, if the glass is falling out that's because there's a heat seal that failed and the whole thing needs to be replaced... the glass actually attaches to an underliner to the top, then is sealed around the edge of the opening in the top... if there is any gap between the window and the top it is no good. maybe it would be possible to repair just the top and re-use the old glass and just use a different adhesive to make it work.. however, if you replace the top it is a good idea to replace the glass portion as well since the top will go through an aging process where things stretch and shrink, whereas the old glass portion will have already had a few years on it, so it would move seperately from the top... making things loose and messy.. i replaced all of mine last year and got it for 600$ with parts and labor... the glass portion is covered by insurence since it is "broken" auto glass... which saves about 400$ between parts and labor. p.s., unless you're going with a very pricy cloth top like on the new-edge cobras, then go with the elektron vinyl top...they're the best:nice: good luck and if i were you i would order the parts through a shop that will also install it... it's not a really tough job if you have done them before, but there are a few tricks of the trade that come with experience... just my .02$ and then some good luck -Kyle
GreenStangGT said:
That really doesn't make sense considering what I've learned about vert tops... so.. ya got me. :shrug:

To summarize what droptop has said

There are two pieces (I replaced my top last year)
The glass is heat sealed to the back portion of the top, which is completely separate from
the actual TOP, the top and sides of the canvas.

if you go look at your tops now
the entire rear portion of your vert top (with the glass, or plastic, whatever you have) is entirely separate than the rest, and needs to be sewn on.

I know, because my top went to chit, but my rear glass (which is TINTED) was absolutely fine... so i replaced the top, and had the glass (back portion) repaired.

if your friend's window keeps popping out? he's s.o.l.
he'll need the entire top and rear glass which... yeah, is like $500 US to buy, not including install.