Pypes Catted X pipe


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Nov 29, 1999
Hey guys. Quick question. How are the pypes catted x pipes? I am looking for a catted midpipe that is cheap in price. I would prefer a catted H pipe but cant seem to find any that are full length :(
The Catted Pypes I see go for about $250, can't beat the price but how is the fit on them? Thanks for the help :nice:

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Why are you changing out the UPR? Youre car and a few more videos made me change my exhaust to the UPR/SLP2:drool:


Don't get me wrong, I love the sound. The only reason I want to get a catted pipe is to get rid of the "machine gun" sound when I get on it, other than that, I love the UPR/SLP2s setup. I just don't like that machine gun sound anymore :shrug: I guess i'm getting old :D