Pypes versus Ford Racing exhaust

Frank Bullitt

New Member
Apr 10, 2007
I need help making decision on Pypes or Ford Racing Exhaust for 2007 with manual transmission.

There is a system at NewTake off that consists of Pypes x-pipe and GT takeoffs. Pretty inexpensive. But I have read on a lot of forums about poor quality and fitment on the pypes systems. Anyone have any experience with the newtakeoff/pypes system ?

I believe the Ford Racing duals with x pipe would be higher quality than pypes. Right ???

Also, I prefer the appearance of the GT Takeoffs exhaust tips versus the Ford racing bullit mufflers. Probably also prefer the quieter sound as well. I am thinking of buying the Ford Racing system and then using GT Takeoffs instead of the mufflers that come with the ford racing Kit. Will GT Takeoffs just bolt in instead of the Bulllitt mufflers ?

Currently I have a single GT Takeoff, been on the car for probably 20 or 30K miles. I have the driver side muffler. My concern on that is any inbalance in flow or sound between the used muffler and the new. Would I be best off to get new Takeoffs, or am I just being to too concerned about the mileage difference on the mufflers ?

Also, I notice that some vendors have the Ford Racing exhaust and the Ford Racing CAI kit on sale together for a pretty decent combo price.

I dont have a tune/CAI now, is the Ford Racing a good one ? I am not looking for max horsepower, just good low-end torque and power. Maybe a gas mileage improvement as well. And like the idea of keeping it all Ford parts. I dont mine paying for the premium gas if there is a slight mpg increase.

I like the look of duals, and I am sure the sound is better than a single muffler. BUt I dont want to lose off idle torque or response. Will the duals with x-pipe cause a problem here ?

Thanks for any suggestions or sharing of your experiences.
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