question about smog pump bypass


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Oct 25, 2003
i am replacing my belt soon and i want to bypass the smog pump but im not taking it off until i do heads sometime in the near future, will it hurt anything to just bypass the pump without taking it off or unhooking any of it orwill it set off and check engine lights or anything like that? also does anyone have a part number of the belt that is used when bypassing it. any part number off any belt you have used for this is fine. thanks
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Thats how my car is right now. All I did was plug the vacum hoses that go to the smog tubing. I dont know about setting off a check engine light, because I think mines broke anyway. But if its not broke then it didnt set it off.

oh nm I was talkin about the fox.
yea i still have a/c, i dont wanna take it off until i do heads, it will just make it easier for me when everything is apart so for now i just wanna bypass it but leave it on there. so it wont mess anything up to leave all the lines and hoses intact and just bypass that one pulley? im not gonna touch any of the hoses or vacume lines yet.
mo_dingo said:
So you can just disconnect the vacuum line going to the smog pump, and that will stop it working?


Without bypassing it with a short belt, it will still spin the pump. Doing that may be damaging to the pump which could run the risk of it seizing up.
I just gutted mine! Now I have the stock air pump there with no internals. Basically, a free spinning pulley! I still have all the smog lines hooked up and it looks like an unaltered emission system, but I opened the smog pump and pulled the carbon/fiberglass vanes outta it, lubed up the bearings and the shaft, and closed it back up. It's easy to do from underneath the car.
I had to use one that was too tight as well. The one that was just tight, stretched over a couple days and started clanking the tensioner pulley.

I'll find the part number I used. It was a gates belt from O'Reilly's and was metric.

What I had to do was stretch the damn thing with my foot and heat it up some, then with two different grabs on the tenstioner pulley, I finally got it "half" on.... a few cranks and it slid on.... stretched out while on the car and seems to be fine. Driven a month on it with no problems.