question on MM chassis stiffening


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Dec 30, 2007
hey guys

im getting ready to do some suspension and chassis stiffening. I went to MMs website and everything looks good there, however i was wondering if you guys thought it was worth the extra money to have everything powdercoated. i mean, i'd have to wire wheel the edges off just to make the weld, right? so i'd be painting anyway? And i might even have to hammer them to get them to sit right since my car is old and has been in an accident? would the bare ones + POR15 + black paint be better for the money?

secondly, is the 4 point k member brace worth the money? i could just buy their kit for $350 to make things simpler...or should i just get the STB and the SFCs?

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I purchased the powdercoated ones because all you have to do is wire brush off the area you are going to weld, and then just repaint that area. With the bare ones, the whole subframe needs painted including the part that is tight up against the car, which you should do before you put them on the car.

I just thought it was easier:shrug:
I bought the strut tower brace and the 4 point g-load brace and those are in addition to a set of old-style tubular subframe connectors I had installed back in 1990. The improvement to chassis rigidity was amazing and I would highly recommend the braces. My next bit will be to replace the old tubular subframe connectors with the MM low profile full length units.
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hey man,

I say go for it! M&M is the best and its def worth the $$$. i have everything they make for a fox with the exception of a torque arm, never any prob's, reliable, great company and products! Good customer service as well. Made in the USA too! :nice:
mind you-I have a vert, so i need all the bracing i can get-its stiff and tight! :nice:

Later Ant
thanks for the replies guys. i just wanted to check real quick before i start budgetting my build. haha, and boy isnt that the fun part?

do you have to wire wheel the car too? where the weld will happen