question on motor mounts?

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I changed mine out because of my longtubes. When I was researching about the longtubes, I had read many cases where urethane or solid mounts were needed to keep the longtubes from slapping the floorpan due to tight tolerances. Most longtubes for the S197 are made to fit very tight to the floorpan and subframes. Supposedly, the OEM mounts allowed for too much movement. I had read a couple cases where they weren't needed but since I had to loosen the motor mount to install the headers anyway I figured I'd be safe and replace them with Prothane mounts.

This 4.6 is so smooth, you can't even tell that I have aftermarket mounts in there. So my main reason was longtube clearance, but a byproduct of that is greatly improved shifter feel & performance. The shifter does not get in a bind anymore due to engine flex.
still using the factory shifter?i was thinking about doing the long tube headers as well as long as they'll work with my bassani x-pipe.still looking into that.did the long tubes make quite a difference on yours?performance and sound?
Yes I am still using the factory shifter. It shifts VERY well with the Prothane mounts IMO.

As far as the Bassani I can tell you that X-pipe won't work with JBA headers. Their collectors are about 3" too far apart. They run closer to the subframe rail than the OEM H-pipe does; and the Bassani pipe is made to go inline with the OEM piping. FWIW, Bassani should be releasing their headers soon and Sheldon @ Bassani told me that they are going to work with their existing X-pipe. I just got tired of waiting. They were supposed to be released almost a year ago.

I do know that with Stainless Works, Kook's, and SLP you are required to use their X-/H-pipe as well. The JBA's use the OEM-style slip fit; they are just too far apart for the Bassani. I can tell you personally because I bought a Bassani X-pipe first, assuming the JBA's would work. I had to use the JBA H-pipe instead.

They did help some, but exactly how much I can't tell. I didn't do a before/after dyno. But I got my car dynod with the longtubes, steeda pulleys, & JLT cai/XCal combo and it put down 296/317 to the wheels. It seems like the longtubes help out non-tuned cars alot more than cars that already have a good tune. But low-end power as way higher than my buddy's car that had only C&L cai/XCal.

As for sound, here is a video of my car just after we installed the longtubes. Still have stock mufflers.:

Here is the vid to my dyno pass. It is not on a hosting site like I uploaded it to and it is only good for a certain # of downloads:
souns bada5s man.i may just wait on the bassani ones to come did the x-pipe sound on yours with the stock mufflers and headers?thats what im installing next weekend on mine with the sct2 and tunable induction did it sound compared to what you have now?
catted or non-catted doesn't really make a difference to me. It was straight up a $$$ issue for me. The hi-flow cats don't hurt these cars at all; if you have the money then no reason not to get them.

The noise w/o cats is still a good sound. It's not overly loud IMO with my stock mufflers. I think the hi-flow catted 05+'s sound just as good as non-catted IMO. Also, I don't have the raging gas smell in this car that I did with my 5.0 & off-road X-pipe I had. These cars burn very clean.

If I had it to do all over again, it'd still come down to $$$.
OK, because i'm prolly going to get the JBA longtubes, and off road H-pipe and try it with just tips( muffler delete), and if i don't like that i'll try it with the stock mufflers, and if i don't like that, i'll buy some flowmaster axle backs. I'm going to make sound clips with everything I try.:p
anthony05gt said:
An off road pipe on the '05-'06 stangs is obnoxiously loud. I've heard one and two guys I know did the same thing only to remove it later.
depends on the mufflers. the SLP loudmouths are the loudest ones, as it is just straight pipe from the headers back.