Question On Temp And LT wrap


Founding Member
Jun 13, 2000
Hastings, MN, USA
I know this question has prob been asked before, but I searched the forums and am not finding exactly what I need.. What temp should my car run at? All I have is the stock gauge and it fluctuates between The "R" and the "A" in normal. (After the stat opens)
I have never had another car that fluctuated like this, They stay pretty much the same unless something is hosed up. I do have an Under drive H20 pump pulley, and am about to put the OEM back on it. It has a new OEM radiator and a new 180 stat. I Did notice, that the wires for the fan were severed by a pulley (3 or 4 of them) but recently fixed that. The fan does come on after a bit of driving.

My second question is about that wrap for headers.. Anyone try that stuff? They claim to bring engine temps down a bit..
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