Quick beginner question about oil pan


New Member
Feb 23, 2008
I've been helping a friend with his 5.0, we just did the timing chain & water pump & now the oil sump gasket is leaking. Can the oil pan be removed with the motor in the car so we can install a new gasket? Should we use a one piece gasket?
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It can be removed with the engine still in the car, but it's really not the preferred method due to the difficulty involved. You have to break loose the mounts and really raise the engine up to get enough clearance to lower the pan. Definitely use a one piece gasket. Try to find one that's steel reinforced with the locating tabs, so it doesn't shift around when you put the pan back in place.
Thanks for the reply.

Will the oil pan drop down far enough to slide in a new gasket without unbolting trans & engine mounts? Is it worth the effort? I have an engine hoist but would rather do the job quickly if possible.
You could probably do it just as quickly unbolting the engine mounts. The trans mount doesn't need to come loose, but it may help. There's definitely not enough clearance without raising the engine though.
Thanks a lot guys for the feedback, it's very helpful. We ended up loosening the corner of the oil pan under the timing cover, then stuffing the existing seal back in place with a screw driver & re tightening. It still leaks a couple quarter sized drops when you park, but it's driveable until we can set aside a weekend to pull the pan.