Raced The 89 LX!


New Member
Apr 13, 2010
Best run of the day was the last which turned up 14.623 @ 96 mph. I was worried cause my first run was 17.115 @ 90.82 But I was spinning the tires all the way to the 1/8th mile mark. Will see if I can get a video up for you guys. All in all I am pretty proud of my fox 185,000 miles burning oil on street tires Ill take a 14.6.
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Everything stock save for the 2.5 inch Exhaust with O/R X-Pipe, Kinda want to put a pair of 26x8.5 Wrinkle Wall Slicks on it. I think I could dip into the high 13's with em. On second thought I really don't feel like replacing broken drivetrain parts lol

If you get the sticky tires you will be hooked into the never ending go faster bug, either a little bog or a little clutch slip and you will just have to do a little more... hook, line and sinker! Welcome to the club!
Ya I honestly was expecting to be in the mid 15's so needles to say I was quite pleased :D So you guys think if I take it easy I can get away with slicks and minimize the risk of snapping axles, tranny etc?
Really it depends on you. If you can avoid the balls to the wall attitude, it will survive for a long time but if you drive it like you stole it and chop those numbers down at any cost, you may get a weekend out of the slicks. But more than likely it will blow the clutch if it is stock.

Regardless, mid 14's at 96 is really good on the street tires with a stock setup, be proud and bask!
Thats real good for stock. Slicks right now wont break anything unless your launching at 5-6 grand. A nice set of Drag Radials would work for you right now. Do gears next!!!! I went from 14.7 to 14.0 with just gears 2.73s to 4.10s. I was AOD at the time though