Radio Antenna

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All you got to do is cut it at any length you want with a hack saw, (mine is 10" long) then sand the tip, then take the ball off the other side and put it onto your short antenna. Your going to have to sand around the tip because its too thick and you wont be able to get the ball onto it. Also to get the ball off your going to need a clamp to hold the antenna then a hammer and maybe a wrench or something to get the ball off. And last hammer the ball onto your antenna so its got a tight fit. Be sure not to lose your ball as your taking it off. It will fly off the antenna. I get fine reception with my 10" antenna. After your done you might want to touch up your antenna with some black spray paint.

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Here is my autozone antenna.


As stated above, cut it off to approximately 15 inches long. I used the claws of a hammer to pull the ball off. I wrapped a rag around it so it wouldn't fly across the room and get lost. Saw off the top of the antenna and then file it down enough to put the ball back on. Use some glue and spray paint with black paint. I think it looks a lot better that any of the other options.
I got the UPR short antenna and it ruined my reception. I used to get every station in clear...then they all were very fuzzy at best. I took it right off and put the long one back on. Once I get satellite radio I will put UPR back on for looks only.