Ram air!!!

Hey all it's been awhile i have been a little lazy due to hardly any work. Interests rates down and people have money to pay for there cars.
But anyways i been trying to get myself motivated and came up with a ram air setup. I know this will only help for top end but i figured what the hell every little bit helps.
Was just wondering if anyone has tried this and noticed any gains or not.
I have one that i fab up out out of cardboard but havent figured how i am going to resin it up.
I was thinking of mounting it behind the nose and eliminate the bumper support seeing how my car is lowered and the other night i went over a set of railroad tracks and it took my cone filter clear off.
Then cut an opening in the middle section of the nose for the air to flow through.
Just wanted to share what ideas i had going sorry about the long read....
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I have my 3.5" cone mounted in the fender and it gets tons of air. Don't see the need for ram-air. I saw 1 car that had small holes (maybe 1"?) in the bumper cover to facilitate the ram effect. HTH