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Mar 7, 2002
Hi there new guy!

This is the "Other Auto Tech" forum here at Stangnet.

If your post relates to a Ford Mustang, it DOES NOT belong in this forum.

"Where does it belong?", you ask?

In the RIGHT forum for your car. Below, you'll find the main forum page for each generation of Mustang. Once there, you'll also find sub-forums in many of them, dividing things by sub-generation, powertrain, or subject matter.

Car Audio, Wash and Wax, Detailing, and Paint Care:

If your Mustang is from model years 1964-1973, it belongs in our classic section, here:

If your car is from 1974-1978, it belongs in the Mustang II section. You can find it here:

1979-1993 (and 1994-95 5.0) cars? Right here:

1994-2004 cars?

2005-2014 cars? Same thing:

2015+? Got ya covered:

If your post isn't about a Mustang, it can go in the "Other Auto Tech" forum. Just note that if it's pertaining to a Ford powertrain found in a generation of Mustang, you might be better off posting in that generation's forum, or it may even be moved for you, to give your thread more exposure and to get you help more quickly.

If your post is about anything else you want tech help for (automotive-wise) it goes here in this forum, post away, but if it's about a Mustang, I'm gonna move it, and be grumpy about it.

Not techical at all? Shoot the breeze here: or announce your arrival to Stangnet here:

Welcome to Stangnet, we hope you enjoy your time here!
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Not open for further replies.
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