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Just for the F'ing record (because I could not find it via google search & there is a misleading measurement in a post on Corral), let this thread serve as documentation of T5 Transmission yoke dimensions for compatibility with the FMS Aluminum Driveshaft (source's -> link <- FMS 28 spline yoke measurements, which claims compatibility with "1983-1995 Mustang 5.0 & 1994-2004 Mustang 3.8 w/ factory T5"):
  • U-joint Cap Diameter: 1.062"
  • U-joint Width: 4.00" (huh? The one in my car now is a standard 1330 u-joint. Is that wrong? Judging by the u-joint table below, this data-point is wrong)
  • Yoke O.D.: 1.500" w/ Machined Area Length 4.680"
  • Center of U-joint to the front of yoke: 6.760"(approx.)
  • 28-splines
  • Barrel length? (still trying to determine this, but it may be the 4.680" "Machined Area Length" above)
I'm trying to replace mine with an aftermarket one that I trust will not have a balance issue; I'm getting down to the end of the rope on possibilities that are causing my vibration issue on Black Jack (linked). So, I was looking at the following Sonnax's chrome-moly yokes as replacement possibilities and trying to narrow it down (Sonnax website link):

This list was filtered to "T5" in the Application info Column, although 1 T56 application popped up

And so it would appear that there is not a perfect fit replacement from Sonnax. The close ones that have a 6.5" length, which at about a quarter-inch short, may still be good enough, but they do not use a stock-style 1330 U-Joint. Not a big deal, I guess. I could use a 1330/1350 hybrid, like I already do in my other mustangs that have T56s. I'm guessing 6.5" is close enough, and it probably doesn't matter which of the two I'd use in my application. I guess I'd prefer the 1350 bearing because it is the same as my other cars, and because the 1350 should theoretically spread the load out more on the needle bearings. On the other hand, I know there's less room for the the U-joints with the Aluminum driveshaft... so perhaps the 1350 would be too big, as its increased overall length but identical CL-to-End-Length suggests the U-joint area is 0.12" longer. I could play it safe and get the 1310 version (same U-joint cap diameter as the 1330, just narrower width).

Now, back to the earlier comment about the U-Joint Width:

If this Sonnax table is right, then I don't think the listed "U-Joint Width" on LMR can be correct. Further, LMR also lists as a feature "Uses 1330 U joints".

If you guys know dimensions for the stock yoke and for the one that should be used with a T5-FMS Aluminum D/S combo, then please feel free to add or correct.
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