Ready For Tilt Steering

Tom S

Oct 15, 2013
New York
I really hate having to swing my leg under the wheel when I get in . Especially if making frequent stops . My question is if I get a column from a 5spd car will I have a problem with not having the A/T lock out ? I drove around with an automatic column on my 5spd Jeep for years until a buddy gave me a std column . I just zip tied the column into unlock all the time so I could remove the key w/o any fuss . What would be the result of the std column in an auto car ? You could start/shut the car off in gear ? I have a line on one but he does not know what it came out of . Just that it's an 87-89 Fox with tilt/CC .
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Active Member
Nov 26, 2002
I just swapped a 5.0 into my 92 4 cyl and I brought the tilt column over with it. Bolted in, but I deleted the cruise control. Should consider that. The column plastic didn't fit, and the donor car didn't have them, so I have an ugly exposed column. I know the ignition plugs will fit fine, not sure about the turn signals and whatnot. Also, you are probably going to have an airbag light forever now.
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