Ready to fire new engine. Have a timing question?


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Sep 14, 2002
How does everyone set the timing before firing the engine ford the first time. This is my first for engine. I usally set the timing on my light and then turn the dist. until my light beeps. It's pretty darn close on my chevys. Do I need to pull the spout. Then set ot for 14* or leave the plug in????? Thanks in advance
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and if the dizzy is out right now, it is a good time to prime the pump.

I personally dont think it is crucial to have the motor timed perfect for an initial fire up. i tend to leave it a little like myself initially - retarded.

good luck.
Well got it fired up and timing set. I have a 94' mustang. I don't think the computer likes it to well. haha idle surges for the first 20 seconds or so after start up. I have a vibration coming through the steering wheel. Would this be the poly mounts???