Ready To Upgrade Stock 88 Gt, Suspension Help


May 3, 2006
I know there are a tons of posts on which suspension to get etc, but I in trying to filter through all the posts, I seem to get more confused on what to do. So with that said, I am hoping I can ask for your opinions/suggestions.

I have an 88 GT mustang hatchback that is for all intensive purposes stock. Things I can tell have aged and the suspension just isn't what it was. With that said, I am looking to upgrade things for a more fun ride. This car never sees the track, and is a street ride only. I don't have a maximum motorsports budget, but don't want to buy the off brand ebay stuff either. Nor do I want to invest in something that looks good and then will wear out in no time. (Seems to be some of the reviews for SVE equipment, though I have no experience).

With that all said, I wondered if folks could make recommendations on what to do, specifically budget friendly, quality brands.

I think I want to start with rear control arms based on what I hear, but not sure what to do, nor what to do about those old springs of mine.

Any help is always appreciated and I certainly thank you for the time to read this post.
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Aug 18, 1999
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I like J&M hotpart for budget friendly parts.

I have had the LCAs on a few cars and my turbo car still uses them. I am about to install a set of them and C/C plates on my 85


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Mar 2, 2003
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New struts, new bushings, and new balljoints will transform the car without breaking the bank.
+1 to this.

For the front lower control arm bushings look at the Ford Racing loaded lower control arms. They come with upgraded bushings and ball joints and when you get down to it not much more expensive than rebuilding your old ones and much easier.

For the rear, aftermarket lowers are good but stick with a stock rubber bushing uppers.
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Nov 28, 2015
On a budget-ish type of purchase, Strange makes some really nice shocks.

What do you want to do with the brakes? Staying sort of stock? MM does have a brake upgrade for the stock system.


May 3, 2006
Ok, so taking into what you all have recommended and doing some more looking, I was thinking about these:

I like the grease fittings which I see a lot of options don't have. I also came across these, which I was surprised to see under $300.

Anyone have any experience with either, or a recommendation of which would be better for my application?

If someone could recommend a spring set, or perhaps coil over conversion kit that would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 2, 2003
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Maximum Motorsports recommends keeping the stock uppers for most applications as they help ensure proper articulation of the rear end.

I have these lowers:
and these uppers:

I also run Steeda springs and Koni SRT.T shocks and struts. I couldn't be happier with the setup. Way better handling than stock and still has good ride quality.


Mar 30, 2002
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You can also break up the upgrades into stages. I've added MM Bilsteins and caster/camber plates to my '88 GT, also did the 5-lug disc brake conversion. Once I paint and roll the fenders then I'll change the springs and do the rear lowers/uppers. Mine is my daily driver so nothing too radical.
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