Rear-End Noise?

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viperos said:
well, I was on the freeway last night, and I noticed a lot of noise comming from my rear... I do race my car, and am kinda hard on her... the noise is kinda a "whirring" noise... it isn't time to rebuild it, is it? if so, can I just replace the gears and bearings?

Do you hear it all the time or just when you are de-accelerating, and has the gear ever been changed? If it has been changed and it's only when you are off the gas then there is a good chance that your pinion nut has come loose. I had to deal with that this weekend as mine had backed off. If that happens you can sometimes put more loctite on it and tighten it back down. But the right thing and what I had to do was take it apart and check the pinion bearing and then replace the crush sleeve. The right amount of pre-load on the bearing is necessary so you can't always just tighten it down. Now if you have the stock gear and it does it all the time or it just does it all the time then you probably need to replace the bearings in the carrier and also the pinion. To check the pinion nut just take the driveshaft loose and you can see if it turns by hand and if it does then that is going to be your problem. If not then it's time to take the rear apart.
well, it does it all the time, never had gears done (that I know about anyway) (they are 3.08s) but it it only audible at about 20+ MPH... maybe a bit higher...

-I was going to do gears anyway, so would a new set of bearing and gears solve this problem?

-my dad thought just changing the fluid back there would get rid of the noise?

-any of these ideas good?


-why not another hyphen :D

Mine does the same thing. When we took it in for a tranny fluid change, they told us that it was the tires making the "road noise". I then got new rims/tires and I can still hear it. I havn't checked into it since then, even though I can still hear it. It might not be as loud now, if anything.
it may be a good idea. i think that i might get a second opinion since i do not think that it has been changed. i kinda though about waiting till i can get some 3:73's and do it all at once
viperos said:
well, changed the fluid, apparently, (guessing by the pitch black color of the fluid, it's never been changed... :mad: stupid suberbian car owners!) anyway, went on a 400+ miles road trip to Westport this weekend, took the stang, and the whirring noise is still there... can't figure this one out... any ideas guys?
As soon as I read your first post, I thought pinion bearing. Could also be an axle or wheel bearing too. If it doesn't affect driveability, just wait until you get an aftermarket ring and pinion set up, and get a deluxe rebuild kit that comes with all new bearings.