rear end questions


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Jul 16, 2002
Clayton NC
well, i'm in the process of replacing everything that can go out on my GT with better stuff, and think that i'll be doing the rear end as well. had a few questions. i believe i will go with the eaton posi differential, and 3.73 gears or possibly 4.10. my car will never be run with slicks, street radials will be the most ever pushed.

question 1- should i upgrade to moser 31 splines? i will never run nitrous or a blower... but MAY at some point upgrade to a big bore high compression block with all the boltons/heads/cams. but i will most definatly do heads/cams/all boltons. with the posi and 3.73 or 4.10s will i ever need the moser 31s, or will i be fine with stockers?

quesstion 2- as i will be doing all the work myself will i need anything otyher then the posi, frpp gears, and axles if i get them.... do i need a new diff cover? bearing kit (are the bearings replaced when the eaton goes in?). this will happen in about 2-3 months but will start collecting items within the week, so i want to be sure on what minor things are needed.

is there anything else i could use as preventative maintanence?

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If your not going to run your car on the track you dont need bigger axles. You dont want a Eaton, (trust me).
Question: What is the point of doing all this stuff, are you planning on a power adder, etc., Cauase the stock stuff is more than good enough for a bolt on mods powered car, seeing street use or not running sticky tires.
i want insurance nothing will ever break, period. i want to build it up to be around 350 hp (i can get it with a big bore easy) daily driver with zero chance of breaking. i'll leave the axels, but why the eaton? not going auburn, but i do want posi rear.