Rear End Rebuild Question

I am looking at rebuilding my 7.5 in my 85 GT. Is this something that can be done relatively easy? I got the 7.5 ford racing bearing kit and axle bearings and seals with new 3.73 gear set from LMR. Any suggestions or tips would be great. Thanks in advance.
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You may not want to hear this, but I wouldn't waste my time with a 7.5 " rear- they are weak and are not positraction . Did you already buy the kit? There are plenty of used 8.8 rear ends for sale on the boards with 3.73'ss that will bolt right in.
Yes I have already ordered the parts...I'm not building a drag car or anything so I was told the 7.5 would be fine for what my plans are...8.8's are kinda few and far in my area and the ones I've found need bearings also so the amount I spent on bearings and the gear set is more budget friendly...thanks for the info
Mild build on street tires, and you will be fine on a 7.5" Shimming the gears is not easy. It is usually done with special tools. There are a few interesting methods that have been invented to get away with out buying all kinds of tools. Look around on the internet for a full write up with pictures before you get started. Don't underestimate the power of youtube.

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Thanks Kurt...I read that the 7.5 is good to handle 300~ hp so I think it should be good for my plans as of now...I would love a 8.8 but there isn't any around my area within my budget...I found a decent write up last night with pics but I lost the link
You have to think about it like a tug of war. your engine is on one end of the rope, and your tires are on the other. Your drivetrain is the rope in the middle. If your engine is too powerful, and your tires are too sticky, there is a lot of stress on the rope. If your engine is too powerful, but your tires aren't so good, there isn't much stress on the rope. There is a lot more to it than a simple hp measurement. But you should be fine.