Rear end sounds like marbles in a tin can.


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Oct 2, 2022
baton rouge
I had a local shop replace the pinion seal and rear housing gasket on my 2001 GT. When I got it back everything seemed fine, no leaks or noise. It ran as usual.
The next day I took it on the interstate for about 10 miles to a shopping center. On the way back the rear end started howling like a bad ring and pinion. I was a few miles from home so I continued. Every time I let off the throttle the noise was worse and by the time I pulled in the driveway the rear sounded like a can full of marbles. I assume it is a pinion problem since under load there was no noise.
I suspect the mechanic did not put the pinion nut on far enough and lost the pinion preload.
I contacted the shop and they of course want to check it out.
My question is since the rear now sounds like bearings eating themselves what sort of damage are we likely to find. I will not be present when they take it apart and do not want them to under sell any damage in an attempt to minimize the repairs I'm sure they are going to be responsible for.
In addition what else could have caused such a failure in such a short period of time after such a basically simple repair? No gear lube is all I can think of.
Has anyone else suffered a failure like this? What did you do, repair or replace the entire rear? What sort of cost? I am preparing myself for the shop denying responsibility.
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Mar 2, 2003
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They broke, they fix it. Accept nothing less no matter what each scenario "sounds" like.

The wrong oil could be a culprit as well.

The whole rearend should be replaced. If the bearings are eating themselves that means metal in the axle tubes and raceway so axle bearings and axles would have pitting. Bottom line accept nothing less than a new set-up.