Rear-End Swap: brake line placement

My car is originally a v6 model, but it as a 95 cobra engine/trans and I'm in the process of installing an 8.8 in it. I have the 8.8 ready to go in basically and I have the 7.5 pulled and out of the way. After pulling the 7.5, though, I noticed that the brake line attaches to the 8.8 on the driver's side of the differential while the 7.5's attachment block (forgive my lack of technical terms) is on the passenger side of the differential. I can't really tell from eyeballing it, but does anyone know if I will have to buy some sort of extension for the v6 line to reach over to the 8.8's connection since it is on the other side?

Hope I described my problem well enough to make sense. Thanks.
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Jun 10, 2003
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what i recommend in your situation is either do one or the other. Take teh V6 metal line and transfer it to the 8.8.

Or replace the brake line that runs from the front of the car near the passanger side wheel well back to the rear and use the metal line on the 8.8.. thats your 2 choices.

I went with option 2 because when you do the dual exhaust you have very little clearance for the passanger side exhaust tube because of that rubber brake line.


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Aug 26, 2004
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Sorscode is absolutely right (of course). I'm doing the V6 to Cobra swap myself, but I had a donor car to pull from. I took the hard brake line from under the car and swapped it for the exact reason Sorscode said. I had dual exhaust on the V6, and the right pipe kept banging the brake juncture - it's right under the pipe.

If you don't have a donor car to pull from, the V6 lines WILL work, but they're not ideal.

The hard line under the car that you need to swap is hooked up in the passenger front wheel well, and leads all the way under the car. There's also a juncture bracket that you will need to take along with the hard line.