Rear end swap question


Mar 11, 2010
Going from the 4 banger rear to the v8 in my 86 lx...Well my 89gt i pulled my rear end from had two stabalizer shocks going to the rear end. When i went to put the rear into my 86 4 cylinder it didnt have brakcets for the stabalizers...any ideas??

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No, most (not all, I know) take them off.

Wrong answer. The quad shocks still serve a very useful purpose. Without them you will likely start suffering wheel hop.

The brackets come off of the V8 cars, and there should be a threaded hole in the subframe on the 4 banger. I had to clean the threads up some on my 4 cyl. before mounting them up.
I'm a fan of the Ford "QuadraShock" system and I find it works very well to eliminate wheel hop under hard acceleration or wheel spin. I run stock suspension and have not found a need, personally, to mess with it.

I would encourage you to install them. It certainly can't hurt.