Rear Seat Delete: Do I need to seal the MDF?

I bought a rear seat delete kit a year or two ago. I didn't get the fully finished kit. Just the plain MDF boards cut to size. I was planning on applying my own carpet before installing it. At this point, I am thinking of just using wallpaper to cover it. Or maybe leave it bare. Not sure yet.

Do I need to seal the MDF boards with some wood sealant first?
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i think you should sand it with some fine grit and stain it, sand again then then wallpaper it.... i dont mean like sand for hours or nothin.. just a little to knock all the rough spots down from it sitting so long..
Found some info...

Q: What are the safety issues to consider when working with MDF? A: MDF is typically made with urea-formaldehyde resin totalling 9% by weight. While most people will not be affected by this, people sensitive to formaldehyde emissions should consider low formaldehyde or formaldehyde-free MDF, or consider methods of controlling these emisions through proper finishing. Finishes that work best at controlling formaldehyde emissions are solid add-on surfaces such as high pressure laminates, vinyl covering, and finished wood veneers. Less effective at controlling emissions are simple seal coats, oil and latext paints, danish oil, and wax. Plum Creek makes low-formaldehyde MDF, while Medite II and Medex from Medite Corp. are formaldehyde-free MDF.

Dust is another MDF hazard. The large amount of dust released when working MDF makes proper respiratory and eye protection mandatory. At a minimum use a dust mask. A respirator is preferable. Shop dust collection (or even a ShopVac) would greatly help the removal of dust from not only the air but also the working surfaces, making them easier to see. Goggles should always be worn while using tools.

Edit: It sounds like regular packaging tape would be a better sealer than paint or varnish.
they make a specific type of sealant. i am pretty sure i mentioned it somewhere in my write up. if MDF gets moisture in it it will release famaldehyde(sp?) you dont want to breathe that. plus u wont be able to get the smell out of the car
I just sealed the edges when I did mine and then wrapped it in sub box carpet. I love the look of mine, plus I droped around 40 lbs when I did mine.

I've had my entire upper/lower rear leather seat out before and together they weighed 34 lbs on a aircraft scale. Are you saying that you lost a total of 40lbs even with the heavy MDF installed? What thickness MDF are you guys using?