Rear Steel Brake Lines

I need to buy the rear end brakelines for the rear end I have recently installed in my 67. I was told that I can buy the steel lines from a local auto part store. Seeing that they are not pre-bent, I understand that I will need to bend them to fit. What kind of tool do I need to bend the brake lines? For my 67 8 inch rearend, what size line will I need? Thanks guys..:D
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danny clemens

May 4, 2005
Shakin66 said:
There is a company on Ebay that sells a complete metal brake line kit for any year mustang. I only paid $40.00 and should get mine this coming week. The seller is fordoldtimeparts.

Let us know the quality of these lines when you get them. That sounds like a real good price.


15 Year Member
Dec 3, 2002
Seattle area, WA
If you want to replace lines in your car I sugest geting a pliers type tube bender. I've got a pair and they work MUCH better then the other benders I've used. I actually used them to bend a new drivers side line and some of the guys in my club saw it and thought it was the stock line. Those pliers benders make bending line SO easy and you run much less of a chance of pinching the brake line while beding it.