Recommendation for a rental trailer to transport a Shelby GT500.


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Jan 21, 2007

I am looking for any options for rented enclosed trailers, or rented open trailers. What is the best source (links appreciated ) to transport a Shelby GT500 on a rented trailer as the local uhaul does not appear to be able to work(the car is to low). The car in question is very low miles and I do not want to drive it from state to state, rockchips,etc. Any assistance or suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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You don't want to hear this, but I say drive it.
I drove my 2007 GT across country and loved every minute of it. People drove old classic Mustangs, some quite valuable. Some drove newer GT 500s.
The car is unique but intended for driving. I also own a 1966 convertible and I DRIVE it.
I do not want a car I am afraid to drive.
Sorry, that's the way I feel.
If you can't enjoy driving it, why own it?
I'm taking my Shelby GT to Vegas within a few weeks.. (hopefully)..

It only has 23,000 miles on it in 3 years.. so I don't drive it everywhere.. but still, 600 miles won't hurt.

Back on topic though...

U-Haul. They have very nice aluminum OPEN car trailers for $50-$60/day, unlimited mileage.

Or, you might find someone who has an enclosed trailer that they will let you borrow. I have one for my '65.. if you look at the underside of the trailer, it's scary to think that that's how my car would look. :nonono:

Good luck!
Whoops.. re-read your post.

U-haul will work.. just get creative with the ramps using blocks, etc.

Extend the ramps on the trailer, then run lengths of wood past the ramps. Drive your car on the wood, then the ramps.. This is how I get my car on ramps for oil changes.