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Nov 4, 2004
Wilsonville, OR
So today I noticed a leak coming out of my thermostat housing (and i just replaced the thermostat yesterday, so I took it back apart thinking I messed up the gasket. Then I found the nipple going in the housing to be almost completely rusted out. It's kind of hard to see by the phone pic, but it was toasted. I cant believe I didnt notice it yesterday.

So I called around to some local parts stores and nobody had anything. So I rode my mountain bike up to Napa to see what they had, and found one of those nipples that thread into an edelbrock manifold, and rednecked it. I cut it off, and then made the taper with a grinder, and then pressed it in with a vise. Can you believe it, this actually worked! I'm wondering whether I should leave it that way or go looking for the real part. The chrome added .04 horsepower!


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haha, Edit: I just looked up a thermostat housing, and they have one in beaverton for 6.99, so I am going to go ahead and replace it, so I guess my redneck hack won't see a lot of highway time. Just thought it would be funny to post.
Now thats being creative, good job.Like they say in red neck ville get-rrrr done-eeeee:flag: Hey I got pulled over the other night and the cop asked me if I was drinking and I said why do I have a fat chick in the back seat .:shrug: :D
Just a helpful hint the chrome t-stat housings leak like a mofo. The chrome makes the threads so fine the water comes threw. When I did my new motor acouple years ago i bought the chrome housing and it leaked and so i took it off a few times and finaly found out from someone else the threads on the nipple leak and will not stop. Good luck on the heater situation I would start with taking the dash apart and seeing what Randall didnt hook back up right and go from there. :D
Well, it didn't leak, but I replaced it today with a new housing, that way I didnt have to replace it once my hacked up tube started leaking. I replaced a hose in there, and found that my waterpump nipple is rusting out too. Someone must have ran pure water thru this car for ten years, its amazing.
wonder what your impellar looks like..i make things like that all the time at home, why not? if it dont work make it work!! i'd weld up a piece of tubing or something for that, then smooth it out with a grinder..but thats just me, for 7 bucks a new one is a good idea