Remote Start

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Installation could be a problem, a lot of places (best buy, auto stores, etc) will not install it for you because its a liability issue on a manual. So you may have to do it yourself (which is probably not worth the headache) or become very good friends with a good installer.
I have a remote start, but I have an auto. I'm pretty sure they make them for stick though. Installation sucks. I ran into so many problems with the PATS. You need to take the transponder out of your key, and wire it up in the car. Otherwise when you try to start the car the theft light will flash and the car wont turn over. This is because the computer and the transponder in your key need to have matching signals, or something along those lines, before the car will turn over. If the computer doesnt read the transponder it shuts off fuel. I couldnt get the transponder out of my key so we had to wrap 28 gauge (I think) wire around the key then around the ignition and back to the remote start brain box. Just hid the key under your dash, if you wanted you could file the key all the way down so no one could ever use it to steal your car. It worked great for 2 years but, somehow the 28 gauge wire must ae rubbed on some metal under the dash and the wire ground/shorted out and melted. Just be careful how you mount it under your dash. I was a little nervous leaving a key in the car, but it was way up under the dash but it had wire wrapped around it plus I covered it with electrical tape so you really couldnt tell what the hell it was. In the end it was soooo worth it. I'll never own another car with out it. Nothing like jumping in a toasty warm car when its 5 degrees outside.