removing engine crossmember


Dec 26, 2004
i need to change my oil pan gasket, but to remove the oil pan i need to take out the engine crossmember. is there any special procedure for removing it? can i just put the car up on jack stands and unbolt it? my car wont fall in half or anything? thanks for any help.

this is on a '67 coupe btw
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I left my idler arms on, but it needed a little wiggling to get the pan off (stock) and the new one back on (Milodon 8qt). AFter wiggling it on just make sure the gasket is on straight before bolting it up. The higher your can jack the car up, the better.

BTW my friend drove his '66 for a few months after a restoration. When I went under to do some work to his car the crossmember wasn't there the whole time!