Removing the fuel pressure regulator


15 Year Member
Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
[rant]why did they make it such a pain to get to the bolts that hold down the fuel pressure regulator?[/rant]

ok. now i feel better. is there a special tool for the bolts that hold down the FPR? it appears to be an allen wrench, but my mechanic said he thinks it is a 12 point thing or something like that. i have so far been unable to find the right tool, or maybe i'm just a retard and can't get it lined up right because of the way it is impossible to see the hole it is going into.
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No special tool, just a normal allen head. A 1/4 socket with an adapter and allen head bit is your best bet. The easiest thing to do is remove the rails and go from there.
heh, i guess i'm just a retard. on my engine, i have to take the upper intake off in order to get the fuel rails off. even though that is not hard to do it, it is a pain, so i think i'll try some more to do it in place first.

do you happen to know what size allen wrench it is?

thanks :SNSign: