Removing trans out my '67


May 17, 2006
I'm working on swapping my trans out cause my current one went bad. It's been a pain in the ass since my exhaust was welding and is 1 piece from the headers to the tail pipes. (stupid muffler shop not putting any flanges in)

So after cutting a section so i can drop the passenger side header I'm workin on taking out the trans. Now i've done trans swaps before along w/ swappin my other car to a manual, but i dont see any play for moving the driftshaft when i go to pull the tranny out. On my other cars there was always something bolted to the rear end that u can unbolt and drop down and pull the shaft but i dont see anything but the U-joints on this one.

Any tips are appreciated. I just need to get the swap done asap cause I'm moving to Florida for 4 months on saturday and i need this drivable lol.

I'm pretty sure it's a c4 trans.


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