Removing UD Pullies/Auto


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Jun 26, 2002
Las Vegas
Alright guys. Nothing in the search has this one and I need help.

I'm installing a Mongoose kit so I have to remove my Steeda UD Pulleys. According to the directions, it's a little different for an automatic. It says to remove the plug in the front of the trans and hold the torque converter with a 14mm socket.

I found and removed the plug, felt the 14mm bolt, put on the socket, but it just falls off when I turn the crank. What am I not getting here?
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ahh dude, I just made a thread about this!!

make sure you read the entire thread, because the guy at the very bottom who posted twice was the answer i was looking for. worked fine for me, and I didnt need two people. Put the screwdriver up there, held it with one hand, and with the other, i twisted the crank ever so softly until the screwdriver was hard in place, then i wailed on the crank, and all was better. :nice:
Teen'93stang5.0 said:
whats the mongoose kit?

Yep. Supercharger system also known as the Cobra Killer from T&J Performance. Check it out.

Defleshed. Thanks for the heads up! There are two windows. One is on the bottom of the bell housing. (That appears to be the one you were using) The other is in the front of the transmission a little higher up on the driver's side. (That's the one I was trying to use). I'll try it out tomorrow. :nice:
cool dude. just for the record, to get the pulley OFF i used a 2 prong gear puller. The harmonic balancer puller (the one with the three screws) just wasnt working for me. The screws kept warping and bending horribly. I was afraid (terrified) to snap one off. The 2 prong gear puller was straight forward, less bolt torquing, fit right on and yanked that crank pulley right off, no questions asked. See, now typically, I have to do things a different way that recommended, because when I'm working on cars, everything that can go wrong, does.