replacing carpet in 97 with 04


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Feb 28, 2008
does anybody know for sure if the two are interhangeable...almost if not all of the interior trim, seats and stuff can be used..I have called body shops and one can for sure tell me if the the carpet out of an 04' will work in a 97'. I called the dealership to price the 97' carpet and it is no longer avail. but they can get a kit in for $ I was thinking since if you order an aftermarket carpet kit it shows 94-04...if I order a carpet kit from the dealership for an 04' it is $311...but if it does not fit for any reason they will not take it back since it is a soft trim item...jus wanna make sure before I order it..Im almost positive it will fit..what yall think...I am takin out the grey and replacing with black since the whole interior is already black...thanks for any input..sorry if I posted this in the wrong place..
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Colors may be different though. 99=04's don't have black, they have a dark grey called "Dark Charcoal". If you have black it won't match.

have you tried looking for ACC carpet? It's actually pretty good quality, especially the mass back carpet.
when I called the Ford parts..she said for the grey they would have to go go by the vin #...but then she said there is a black..and asked for the price of that...the whole interior if black..I dont understang why Ford put in a grey carpet..I will take either..but I would really like to get black..hides more dirt..haha
It's not black though. They may call it black, but it's really called "Dark Charcoal". The entire interior is dark grey.

If you put it next to 94-98 midnight black, you would see the difference.
alrighty..the carpet came in yesterday...woohoo...laid it out to flatten...put is in the car and the fitment if pretty you will see from the pics, where the rear bolts go into the floor..there is big squares..hopefull I can find some 04' seats and maybe that will fix one will see it or sit back there...and the drive shaft hump between the console and rear seat has slack..evidently the 04 shaft hump is biggie..and it is black..well that is what I ordered..looks more like a dark grey...but still love it..better than what was in it...the carpet that was in it was ok..jus dirty..and didnt feel like cleaning..maybe someone locally will want it for a beer and a firm hand shake.haha..
take your time and make sure you stretch it very good so you don't get lumps. I let it sit with lots of weight (college text books) on it for a couple days after I got it placed the way I liked it then I stretched it again.