Replacing The Oil-Sending Unit


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Sep 7, 2004
Just went to have my oil changed, and was told that I had a serious leak coming from a bad oil-sending unit (which, I've been told, are not the best from Ford). The part itself, I know, won't cost much, but what exactly goes into replacing it? I can't find anything on swapping it out for a new unit in my Haynes manual (which has been my automotive bible for some time)...

I'm hoping to be able to grab a friend (sort of my 'teacher') and fix it tomorrow, but need to know what to do!! :(
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It's as easy as changing a spark plug! The sensor is located on the front of the engine toward the top. You'll probably need a flex-joint for your socket to get around the belts and everything.

I already changed mine out. I was driving down the road one day, looked down at the gauges, and the oil pressure was zero! :eek:
Good thing the sensor had just gone bad!
I haven't personally looked at a V6 in a while, but when I did my oil pressure gauge install for my 4.6, I came across an article where a V6 guy was installing his.. his stock sending unit was located down by the oil filter. You could clearly see it in pictures he posted.

Get up under the car, and look at the oil filter.. look near it for a cylindrical shaped thing with a wiring harness coming off of it.
Here it is on the 99+