Reseting Speedometer on 2000 GT

i just had a 3.73 gear installed in my 00 GT. it threw my speedometer off by about 10 mph. the garage that did it said there was no speedo gear to replace. they said that it was electronic and that i needed to find the codes online to reset the turning the ignition on and off several times in some sort of order.
Can anyone help with these codes?
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sorry, no such thing as codes to reset it.

you will have to either have it tuned or buy a hand held tuner to adjust the speedometer.

till then you can unplug the speed sensor if you have a manual trans to keep the miles from racking up
i have run the car against other cars and tho the speedo is off the odometer still reads correctly. just got a ticket...gota get that thing fixed

It's physically impossible for both your speedo and odometer to register correctly without changing the rear axle ratio within your PCM.

Assuming you kept the same size rear tires and going from a 3.27:1 gear to a 3.73:1 gear, you are accumulating mileage at roughly a 14% increased rate. Your speedo is also increased by roughly the same. So if your speedo shows 70 MPH, you are actually only doing about 60 MPH.