return to OE air filter location


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Jun 28, 2007
I have a 1993 LX with a 76mm C&L MAF with a conical air filter. Idle surges when hood is closed. I need to put the air filter back into the fender but can't find a stock air box. Does anyone know of an aftermarket kit that will work? The BBK doesn't fit as it needs to be 3.5 inches in diameter and 6-8" long before it turns into the fender. I'm pretty sure using a shield wouldn't solve my fan wash problem either. Thanks.
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The fender mount is the best way to go anyways....having the filter under the hood only sucks in hot air. There's too much high air pressure under the hood for enough cold air to flow up from under the car to make under the hood setups work...unless you build a sealed block off plate like some of the '05+ cars use, but even those are as good as a true fender mounted filter. Also be weary if you have your filter anywhere near your cooling buddy just went through this surging idle issue and it ended up being that his filter was getting air blown on it from the cooling fan.
not that i really recommend a ram air kit .... but one option might be something like i have on mine, with the march ram air (aka street vacuum).... it has a box around the filter, running to a scoop under the front bumper
i also have the 76mm C&L maf, conical K&N, and got a bad idle until i clocked it. seems to work good now...