Reviving my 2000 GT. She's sat for years, pre-start checklist?


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May 15, 2002
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My 2000 GT has sat for around 8 years. Before I attempt to start it up, how can I make sure the engine isn't seized up and make sure I don't damage anything? I'm going to change the oil and replace the copper plugs before trying to start it, and inspect the cylinders at that time. Should I spray any kind of lubricant inside? Can I turn the crank with a breaker bar?
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You can turn it with a breaker bar but you probably won't get too far with spark plugs in.

You also need to completely empty the fuel system, ensure the pump works, and that the rails and lines aren't clogged with old fuel that has turned to varnish.

There is a pretty good chance that you will set yourself back many weeks if you try running that engine on 8 year old gas.

I would recommend disconnecting the fuel lines at the rail and pumping anything that is in the tank, into a gas can by bypassing fuel pump relay with a jumper. Disconnect the fuel rails from the injectors and blow a mixture of air and brake cleaner through the rails.

Look over the injectors good while they are out. Check the o-rings and pintle caps for damage. Replace the rings and caps that look damaged or old. Put the whole thing back together with a super thin coating of dielectric grease.

If I missed anything, I'm sure that the others will chime in.


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Aug 14, 2009
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+1 on above. Drain the gas tank first. Don't let that stale gas get into the fuel system.

Note, on a 1999-2004 model year (FPDM) jumping the fuel pump relay won't force the fuel pump to run all the time. If you want to use the fuel pump to drain the tank it will be necessary to split the system between the FPDM and gas tank hat. The connector is near the center of the fuel tank below the rear bumper. Split the connector and force power down the RD/BK BN/PK wires towards the fuel pump. When I have done this i have disconnected the output of the fuel filter and used the output nipple of the fuel filter to attach a short piece of flexible hose. Put the hose in a suitable storage container.

Consider taking all of the fuel injectors out for cleaning. I have had good luck with Once cleaned and tested they are as good as new. Cheaper than new.

+1 on using a small amount oil down each cylinder before baring over by hand.

With the spark plugs out it's easy to spin the motor over fast enough to re-fill the oil system. Confirm there's oil visible through the oil filler cap before re-starting the first time.

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