Richmond 6 Speed


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
I was offered a Richmond 6 speed as a trade for some parts I have. The only problem is it's the GM version. Part number - 7021626aa

6th one down on in this link:

What would be needed to get this tranny installed and going into my 91 Fox?

What I am hoping is to just swap the input shaft and make a tranny mount. I was also hoping that the stock T5 bellhousing will bolt right up. It seems to me that the dimensions for the bellhousing mounting surface on the trans does not change.

Am I correct in thinking these things or will it just not work?

What do these normally sell for used in good condition?
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The shifter is located further back than the viper or Ford transmission. You would have to fab a special shifter. The stock bell housing will not work.
Pretty sure that one sold anyway... but you can message him and see what all is needed to do the swap. It's uncommon I'll give it that