Right turn rear clunking sound. Help?


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Dec 9, 2003
Plano, TX
As posted above, When I turn right, I hear a clunking sound coming from what sounds like the right rear tire. Only when turning right. Is that a bearing of some sort? Thanks for any info you might have.
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I hate my CT. :(
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Dec 18, 2005
i would check all the bolts on the LCA's and UCA's and go from there. could be in the diff


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Nov 29, 1999
Make sure your jack and stuff in the trunk's spare tire well are secure.


Aug 16, 2005
San Francisco, CA
i had a similar problem that would manifest itself more intensely when more weight was present. I tracked it down to the hard brake line rubbing against an imperfection on the rim. I rotated the tires and reshaped the line and by-by wapwapwapwap.


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Dec 9, 2003
Plano, TX
wow feel like an idiot... last week i put my new aluminum driveshaft in... had to pull my exhaust to get to some bolts... and apparently when i put them back in the right side was further back than when i pulled it out... it was clunking against the axle when there wasn't any load and the axle would hit the top of the turndown (dumps)... all better now!


thanks everyone who contributed... glad nothing was broken.
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