rim question, would this be dumb?

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I think it'd look great. That is a huge trend now, one size larger in diameter in the rear compared to the front. I've never seen anyone do it with 17 front, 18 rear, usually the min in the front is 18" with a 19" or even 20" in the rear. That fat lip on the 10.5" wide bullitts is sweet. That's what I'm after with my next set of wheels.
Vib, look at the new Drift-R wheel from ROH. It looks a lot like a '98 cobra wheel, but it has a fat lip. Its only avail in 9" wide max though. Here's a pic of it. If I had a stock appearing stang, I'd MOST DEFINITELY go for these wheels...
Yea a grand on the rims alone is steep in my book. I like the lip on those though. This is why I still have the stock rims on my car. I've picked out rims before only to have the rug pulled out from under me. Guess I'll keep the waffles a bit longer.