Ring gap too excessive?


Jun 11, 2020
Honing opened my bores up a bit more than I'd've liked, looking at .0185 on the top, .023 on bottom compression rings (This is with ModMax file fit standard bore rings).

If file fit rings are a bit big, then I have to wonder how much bigger the bores got. PTW clearance is surely going to be affected right?

I'm getting conflicting information regarding ring gap, Modmax guys said 16 minimum on the top, 20 minimum bottom, service manual says much lower, and other places are in between. I'm wondering now, is this block now unusable unless I bore it and get oversize pistons?
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I don't dare do that to my Knob
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Dec 30, 2002
Cornwall, PA
Are you using stock hypo pistons or aftermarket? What type of honing procedure did you have done? PTW clearance is important so I would def. measure the bore and pistons to determine your PTW clearance see how much material you removed. What honing process you performed will dictate how much, and where material was removed.

Modmax is right on imo if you are using a standard hypo and doing a street style build. Stock ring top gap usually measures out ~.010 and ~.015 - .018 on the bottom on the couple I've torn down, and stock runs a little tight. Your gaps are fine and I wouldn't worry about it if your PTW clearance is good.