RNH Performance???


Oct 4, 2006
Knoxville Tn
So I sent a e-mail to RIck, and got some info. I was just wondering if anyone has a RNH bottom end or motor built by RNH, and what they think about it. Thanks for any input or info ya'll can give me.
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I have not read or heard one bad thing about RNH. Rick knows his stuff. I am certian you will not be unhappy if you do business with him.
I don't have one but plan on having one built by him in the future. Everyone I've ever talked to that has had an engine built by him has been supremely satisfied. I'm sure some more people will chime in, but I don't think you'd be disappointed.
I got my Dart 347 from Rick. I havent got it into the car yet though. I went with Rick because he took a ton of time to answer all my questions and work with me to get the best set up with the budget I had to work with. I also have heard nothing but good things about Ricks motors. He was local to me, and when I lost my license Rick was nice enough to bring the motor to me. Im sure this motor will be everything I hoped for and more. Now it did take a while to get the motor, but as Rick will tell you if you talk to him, he truly is a 1 man show at his shop. Even though it took longer than we thought it would to get it done, it didnt stop me from giving Rick my busted T-5 for a rebuild. I also have complete confidense that Rick will stand behind his work 100%. I actually found some posts when I did my research of people who bought multiple motors from him.


Like everyone else is saying, Rick does a great job with customer service through post support. His engine building is top notch. He built me a motor 2 years ago and I haven't had one single issue with it. I will be going back to Rick when I want another motor built.