Road Track Racing W/ 2013 Gt/cs


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Sep 3, 2013
I have a 2013 GT/CS without the Track Pack. I am just wondering what you guys that are running on a road track and have done as far as brakes and rotors go. I have the stock rotors, however, I cracked one this last time out. I am running Hawk pads and I have brake cooling ducts installed.
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You cracked a rotor? That seems quite unusual. Are they making OEM rotors in China? Just to be completely subjective, I never liked the idea of upgrading the stock brake platform with higher performance pads running on stock rotors.

Anyway, I also have a '13 GT/CS and one of the reasons I bought it is because the suspension and brakes were completely stock. This is so I could mod both myself. Now, as far as tracking my car? I have not done this so, I don't know how the stock brakes and rotors would hold up. If yours is an example of this, it could be the result of not also upgrading the rotors.

If I were just to upgrade the brakes on the cheap, brake pads, brake lines and rotors would be the minimum I'd go with. However, One of the 'mods' I'm planning to do is to put the Brembo GT500 package on my GT. It comes with 15 inch rotors and probably would do well under track conditions.

The subject of brakes is another one of those things that's completely subjective so, you may get many other ideas on aftermarket brake combinations which are just as good and sometimes, better depending on the size of your wallet. Anyway, that's my take. You'll get a better answer from someone who does track their car as experience is a key to good feedback. :)


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Dec 12, 2012
Where did you find the brake cooling ducts (pictures, brand name, website)? Also, did Ford replace your cracked rotor under warranty even though you changed your pads? Out of curiosity, did you change to a higher temperature rated brake fluid also?


Aug 19, 2010
Acton, MA
I have Brembo's with 14 rotors on my CS clone. I really wanted the CS but could not order it with Brembos from the dealer. I went the other way around and ordered the GT with brembos and ordered trim package 5 to get the CS trim.
I don't road race but autocross. The brakes were a screaming deal from Ford. I think they were a 1650 buck option. They are the best brakes I have ever had. I get good pad life but they are very dusty. I did have a hassle to find a 18 inch wheel to fit around the caliper for my track rubber.