Road Trip Advice 1987 GT

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I must be different....I would just go. No planning, no filling the car with parts, just go. If it's running good why all the "what if" stuff? I drove a 1967 Camaro, 350 horse 350 and a M-21 with no first gear from Maine to California and shipped it to Hawaii, no spare parts, no huge set of tools. The other thing is (and I mean no offense) it seems to me even if you had all these parts, are you capable of making repairs? You had to borrow a set of tools? :shrug:

Get AAA. Drive the car. Don't worry about "what if". Life is short.

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I must be different....I would just go. No planning, no filling
I'm with ya. My only problem is when I made my trip to the Outer Banks from August GA in my gelopy of a Bronco I knew it was gonna need frequent work, but if it took a dump I was always going to be on high traffic roads. I'm a southern guy and have a fear of long desert deserted roads and dying. Probably not realistic but I've seen to many cold case shows. If it was a recently overhauled car no problem, but he says it's mostly original. Middle of no gas station for 150 miles and the computer goes :puke:
Yeah, I went on some long stretches in that camaro across the desert. I would see signs saying "Next Gas 150 miles" and start doing math in my head and realize I was pushing it. Some towns I rolled into on fumes..........