Royal Purple


Founding Member
Feb 4, 2002
San Jose, CA
Well it's official I have Royal Purple all over my car now, no not literally! But engine oil, rear end fluid and tranny. I have to say the Syncromax stuff for the tranny actually made a noticeable difference in the way the tranny shifts and the sound of it. Before I used to hear lots of "gear" noise, that has virtually been eliminated! So people may question the worth of doing it, but I had to do the rear end with my brakes so why not go for the good stuff. Plus since I needed an oil change, again why not give it a try and since I was at it I got the tranny fluid too. I did the tranny today which was cool cause I'm starting to be able to do some of the work on my car without calling for help from various friends. Anyway that's my story for the day!
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