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Nov 29, 2004
Hey guys I'm having a hard time fixing a rpm problem. What happens is that when I'm driving down the road I will push the clutch in and the rpm's will drop down to 1500 and hang at that position until I come to a complete stop, then they drop down to idle. I have recently replaced the IAC. Today I replaced the TPS and it still happens. So I took the IAC off and added another piece of gasket material because I have heard that some other stangers had rpm problems with that gasket. Now it drops down to 1100 rpm's and stays. Anyone have any idea of what the problem is, please help. Thanks, guys
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on any car if you rev it and let the rpms come down they will hang for a few and the drop to idle. I really do not think your problem is serious, not sure if the computer tells the rpms to hang while the car is in motion or not, but not somthing I would be to worried about.
posted in a nother thread I was reading, I agree with this statment-

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It's actually pretty rare for a TPS to malfunction. It is not uncommon on these cars for the RPM's to "hang" when the clutch is pushed in. This promotes catalytic converter longevity and reduces emissions. But there are quite a few people that have made or ordered a specially made gasket that goes in between the IAT and the plenum.

Do a search for "hanging RPM's" or something to that effect.