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Oct 9, 2003
Alright I need allot of help, my car normal sits in nuetral at 1500 RPM's, I was driving around town and when I go to nuetral it sits at 3000 RPM,s then eventually drops to 1500. Is there any reason why my car does not drop down to 1500 RPM's as soon as I go to nuetral. This just started today.

Help please
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THe answer I sent to Larry in response to his PM......

CEL = Check Engine Light. This comes on when there is a DTC (Diagnoistic Trouble Code) stored in the PCM. Using this code gives you a starting point when diagnosing a car.

So did this right after you put a A?F gauge on? I'm guessing something happened with the signal the PCM recieves from the oxygen sensor.....is it installed correctly?