Runs, then dies.


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Jul 24, 2005
NC State University
Ok, last steps of the motor swap. Everything is hooked up, plugged in, and connected. I start the car, it starts, it runs at about 2000 RPM, and runs for about 8 seconds before cutting off. While its running, it runs strong, and fairly smooth. Not a perfect run, but I just fired it up after 6 months.

Have not pulled codes yet.

These are my thoughts:
1. Something with the Fuel system. I will try to put my in-line gauge on it and go from there.
2. Vaccumm lines somewhere are messed up.
3. I know the Dizzy is right, its set right.
4. I can't think of anything else it might be.

Any help would be much appriciated. If I can't get past this, I hate to say it, but the car will go on craigslist as is. Sell as current condition, for the first $1400.

Thanks, Jordan
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Will it restart immediately after it does this?

Vac leak is possible. Can you goose the gas pedal to keep it going at the 8 second mark?

Good idea with the FP gauge. 8 seconds would be a prolonged prime-out but the pump might not be kicking on permanently. You can ground the negative side of the FP relay's coil at the self- test connector (so the pump should run any time the key is on).

Good luck.
It will restart whenever I turn the key.

When I gave gas as it was near that cut off time it didn't help.

The thing that makes me think fuel is that it doesn't stutter or surge right before it dies, just cuts off. This is nothing that I've encountered before.