Saleen Body kit


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Aug 27, 2003
Lexington, Ky
where can i buy one? i would rather pay a little more to get quality pieces then to get cheaper ones that dont fit right.

- do i have to drill holes in the trunk for the spoiler? or do they work off the same holes?
-whats an estimated time on installing a full kit? (both bumpers, side skirts, side scoops, and wing)
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You can buy the whole kit from They sell the actual authentic body kit cheaper than what Saleen sells directly.

For the S281 wing, you do not need to drill holes, the wing will cover them up. If you have 99-04 GT's, you can opt for the S351 wing, but to keep the same holes, it would be the S281-E wing (to get it to look like the S351 wing).

Install on the kit is about 6 hours with all the fitting and uninstalling of all the body parts. I went through this already so I had some experience on it.