Expired Saleen Supercharger Kit Polished Cheap

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Hey guys I have complete Saleen SpeedLab Series 2 Supercharger kit for sale. This kit makes an AWESOME daily driver blower kit that is reliable and makes a lot of bottem end torque!!!! This Eaton M90 has had extensive work done to it such as:

Upgraded intercooler with a fully custom tig welded aluminum surround around the intercooler (so heat is transfer ONLY through the intercooler and not around. The back of the blower and inlet has had all edges deburred and radiused to provide better airflow for more boost.

Custom fabbed aluminum inlet (project I made; one off) Also comes with painted original inlet if you chose not to use the custom one.

Custom S bracket for mounting alternator. and throttle cable bracket


The blower and intake manifold has been FULLY SHOW POLISHED and clear coated. (looks like a polished magnusen

Comes with 30lb injectors, belt, nuts/bolts, heat exchanger with fans, CCRM relay to control fans, bypass valve,water pump for heat exchanger, Saleen SpeedLab intercooler tank and Instruction Install Packet provided by Saleen SpeedLab. The only things that are missing from this kit are ONE -8 heat exchanger hose (had small tear so I tossed it) and a throttle cable (you can use a v6 cable or buy one from Saleen) and whatever fuel pump you choose to run.

I have spent COUNTLESS hours polishing this blower and manifold. Lots of time deburring/radisuing/ and streamlining this setup. It was for a Compound setup I just lost interest in doing. This blower with the stock pulley and small tricks that were done to the intercooler and blower inlet made 343hp. With a MOSALEEN tensioner and smaller pulley I can almost guarantee this blower will make 380-390hp. This is a perfect setup for the guy whose running a stock motor who wants reliable daily driven power. Lots of torque and no issues driving on long trips.

Looking to get 2400.00 OBO Shipped or TRADE for a 99-04 2v Procharger/Vortech/Tork tech blower kit. I have a built motor so im looking for something I can turn the boost up on, thanks.

Please email me at [email protected] or call/text me at 386-233-0336. I will be posting pics on Friday when I have time to lay everything out and take pics.
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