salvage 8.8 problem


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May 21, 2005
Tuscola, tx
i just installed a salvage rear axle ass'y in my '84 complete with SVO transplanted brakes, and 3.55's about a month ago, i've since noticed some wierd gear noises while driving it...also, at highway speeds during lane changes it almost feels like the whole car is "crabbing" when the wheel is swayed from side to side. i've already had problems with this new setup, like a caliper hanging, and ebrake problems, now this comes up. The part that really threw me for a loop was when i took it to firestone for a front end alignment, well of course they put the reflectors on the rear as well as the front, and after looking at the report, it shows that my rear wheels are towed out?!?!?!? The axle ass'y was pulled from a wrecked '91 that went over a curb into a field, and took out a light post at speeds in excess of 100mph (yes, I know the guy it used to belong to).

is it likely that the axle tubes are bent causing the toe out condition? and does anyone know if they can be straightened, or should I just buy a new housing, and put all my guts into it?
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How much is the tow out?

It is possible to fix any problem, it is just a question of time and money.

If it were me, I would look for a second opinion. Find a reputable shop and have them confirm your worst nightmare.

As an aside, Drunken typing is tougher than it sounds.
A little negative camber is a good thing on a rearend. Bill Elliott won 4 straight Winston Cup races back in '92 this way until his competitors found out about it. No more than about 1/2 to 3/4 degrees should make it handle better through the curves. Any more than that will snap an axle or burn out the axle bearings. Toe other than 0 degrees is unwanted. Confirm that the toe is off and then fix it.
well, yeah, a little negative camber is good, I've researched that one to a great extent...camber is good for an autocrosser or road racer-but BAD for a drag racer. but aside from that, the camber isn't what i'm concerned about. the toe according to the alignment sheet i've got in front of me says

left rear toe: -0.54*,
right rear toe: -0.66*
total toe:-1.2*
thrust angle 0.06*,

and i can't really tell if the tires are in or out, but I know rear toe out is very bad for handling...especially as speed increases-it just feels all wrong
So you know the toe is bad. Now what are the possible soutions?

Either have a shop heat and bend the axle tubes straight, or replace the rear housing.
There may be more options???

The rear end I bought had a bent axle. The housing was fine. So I just upgraded to 31 spline axles with the new dif. If it is just the axle though I would think that the car would ride really bad.

Good Luck.